Gisele Allowed a Couple More Seasons of Tom Brady in Our Lives


It looks like we’re going to have a couple more seasons of Tom Brady in our lives. According to Tom, he has negotiated two more years.

CBS – He’ll be 41 for the entirety of next season, and of course, will again be the league’s oldest offensive player. But he also says that he’s not nearly done playing. Brady has mused before that he wants to play until he’s 45, which would give him five more seasons.

As of this point, he’s allowed to play at least two. Allowed by whom? His wife, Gisele Bundchen. “I’ve talked two years with my wife,” Brady said during an interview at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Santa Monica, California, per the Boston Globe. “I’ve negotiated that thus far. I’ve still got a little further to go.”

I just assume this is the standard negotiation until Tom negotiates another new deal. If Tom is going to play until he’s 45, he’s going to have to re-up another two years after the first deal. 45 is plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your life with your man, Gisele. Don’t be selfish. I can live with Tom getting to 45, cap it off with one more Super Bowl and call it a career. Go be a fitness guru at TB12.


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