5 Incredible Stats About 40-year-old Tom Brady


1. Brady has a 74-20 record against AFC East opponents. The Bills have been victimized by Brady the most, losing 28 of 31 games. Brady is 25-7 against the Jets and a relatively pedestrian 21-10 versus the Dolphins.

2. The Pats have made the playoffs in nine-straight seasons. Currently, only three other teams in the league have made the playoffs in back-to-back years None of those three teams are halfway to the Patriots and if you add all their current consecutive appearances together, you’d only match New England’s nine (Pittsburgh, 4; Kansas City, 3; Atlanta, 2). All of those teams are out of the playoffs, by the way.

3. That playoff streak is tied for the longest in NFL history. The Tom Landry Cowboys and Peyton Manning Colts also had nine straight playoff berths. But the Pats’ streak has an asterisk. The last time they were left at home was in 2008, the year Brady went down with a season-ending injury in Week 1. If you only count seasons in which Brady has played, the streak is at 14.

4. This is New England’s seventh-straight appearance in an AFC title game. That’s a record, obviously. Eleven of the 16 members of the AFC haven’t made that many conference championships in the 48-year history of the game.

5. Not only has Brady never had a season under .500, he’s never had a season that hasn’t been above .500. Compare that to some of the other QB greats (who started and completed 10 or more seasons) and how many times they’ve finished a year with a record of .500 or worse:

Aaron Rodgers*: 1

Peyton Manning: 2

Terry Bradshaw: 2

Brett Favre: 3

Joe Montana: 3

Dan Marino: 4

John Elway: 4

Johnny Unitas: 5

Drew Brees: 8

Rodgers first season starting was in the ninth season of Brady’s career


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