The 10 Best Scoring Seasons in NBA History


Only 4 players in NBA history have had such dominating scoring seasons to find themselves on this remarkable top 10 list.

Here’s a crazy stat, the last record to join the Top 10 was back in the 1989-90 season; therefore, it’s safe to say that most records on this list are set in stone, never to be broken again. Especially if you put into account that the game of basketball has evolved in the recent decades — predominantly in speed and strength.

Without any further ado, here are the 10 best scoring seasons in NBA History (regular season):

#10 – Michael Jordan (33.6 ppg, 1989-90)

The 89-90 season was off to a fresh start with Phil Jackson as the new head coach. Things were looking up for the Chicago Bulls, as they ended the regular season with a record of 55-27. This was the Bulls’ best performance since the 1971-1972 season.

#9 – Bob McAdoo (34.5 ppg, 1974-75)

McAdoo dominated the league the league before a string of injuries plagued the middle portion of his career. His story had a happy ending as Bob was able to win two rings with the Lakers as things were winding down.

#8 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (34.8 ppg, 1971-72)

Widely regarded as one of the greatest seasons in NBA history, Kareem kicked off the 70’s with all of the awards, accolades, and statistical proof of dominance a player could ask for.

#7 – Michael Jordan (35.0 ppg, 1987-88)

The only thing missing from MJ’s fourth season was an NBA championship. His Airness our Lord and Savior of Basketball averaged a ridiculous 35 points a game, while also maintaining his presence as the most dominating defensive player in the league.

#6 – Wilt Chamberlain (36.9 ppg, 1963-64)

At age 27, while playing for the San Francisco Warriors, will recorded 36.9 points per game in 80 games! Try to imagine that.

#5 – Michael Jordan  (37.1 ppg, 1986-87)

This was MJ’s best scoring season. He played in 82 games, averaged 40 minutes per game and scored a total of 3041 points!

#4 – Wilt Chamberlain (37.6 ppg, 1959-60)

As a 23 year-old, Wilt posted the fourth best scoring season in NBA history. While playing for the Philadelphia Warriors, he averaged 37.6 points in 72 games.

#3 – Wilt Chamberlain (38.4 ppg, 1960-61)

Next year, Wilt managed to top his last year’s ridiculous season. He averaged 38.4 points per game during 79 games. He was only 24 years old.

#2 – Wilt Chamberlain (44.8 ppg, 1962-63)

Nothing new here. It’s Wilt The Stilt again. Imagine someone averaging nearly 45 points per game! Crazy.

#1 – Wilt Chamberlain (50.4 ppg, 1961-62)

50, 50 freaking points per game! Let that sink in.

The 1961-1962 season included Wilts’s famous 100-point game, a record that will probably never be matched. It’s safe to say that we’ll never see such an unbelievable scoring season again.


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